Red Lodge Restaurants

Red Lodge Restaurants is dedicated to delicious meals and awesome service. From pizza to hand-cut steaks, local ales to award-winning margaritas, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Live Music

July 2Leigh Guest @ 7pm
July 3Sundae & Goesel @ 7pm
July 6Peculiar Patriots @ 9:30pm
July 12Old Salt Union @ 9pm
July 18Jarret Kostraba @ 7pm
July 20Matt Strachan & the Hoot Owls @ 9pm
July 25Chad Okrusch @ 7pm
Aug 1Lee Eichleberger @ 7pm
Aug 5Derry Lawrence @ 7pm
Aug 15Jarret Kostraba @ 7pm
Aug 29Kalyn Beasley @ 7pm
Sept 5Lark & the Loon @ 7pm